Software to Recover Data from Corrupted Memory Card

The memory card is a small portable memory storage device used in various multimedia devices like digital cameras, camcorders, mobile phones, iPods, etc. It is used to store huge amount of data such as audio, video, images, documents, spreadsheets, applications, etc. It is also used for storing backup data and provides safe transferring of data. Sometimes while transferring the data if any sort of interruption occurs then it results in the corruption of memory cards. Your memory card may also get corrupted due to various reasons like virus attacks, abrupt ejection of memory cards, etc. If memory card corruption happens user cannot able to access any data from it. If the stored data is valuable one they user may go to depressed state and start thinking how to perform corrupted memory card recovery operation.

Have you ever been faced come across above scenarios? If yes, then don’t apply any repairing tools on your corrupted memory card without knowing their success rate, because the chances of recovering data from them are very less. So instead of using such fixing tools, you can make use of a reliable and safe secured tool which is readily available in the market. This application is often named as Corrupted Memory Card Recovery software. It repairs the damaged memory card and recovers the data from it in a hassle-free manner.

Reasons behind the corruption of memory card:

  • While transferring or copying the data from memory card to other storage drive through card readers, if the user suddenly ejects the memory card from the device then it results in the corruption of memory card.
  • At the time of transferring the data from memory card to any other storage drive if any sort of interruption occurs like abrupt system shutdown, etc. then it leads to the corruption of memory card.
  • Virus attack is also one of the reasons for the corruption of memory card. This virus enters into the memory card when the user tries to transfer or copy data from an infected storage device through a card reader.
  • Capturing photos under low battery conditions, switching of the camera while transferring the photos are also one of the reasons for the corruption of memory card.
  • Some other possible reasons which are responsible for the corruption of memory card are the usage of the memory card when its memory if full,  software conflicts, hardware issues, using the same memory card on different devices and so on.

Salient Features of Corrupted Memory Card Recovery Software:

This software is used to perform a corrupted memory card recovery operation on both Windows and Mac operating systems. It is used for recovering data from damaged memory card types like  SD card, XD card, SDHC card, SDXC card Micro SD, Mini SD, Compact Flash cards, MMC cards etc. and used for recovering deleted media files such as audio, video, image, spreadsheets, documents etc. This software is used to recover deleted data from digital camera and camcorders of various manufacturing brands such as Sony, Canon, Kodak, and Olympus etc. This tool is used to retrieve data that is lost due to abrupt removal of memory card, incorrect formatting, file system corruption, etc. You can also perform damaged memory card recovery operation on the basis of their unique signatures. To know what this software truly recovers, you can download its free demo version to observe its success rate in recovering the data on both Windows and Mac OS-based PCs.

How to Recover Deleted Photos

“I deleted photos on my SD card that I had for over a year. I have no other copy of the deleted photos anywhere with me so I now want to get all the deleted photos back from my SD card. Is it possible to retrieve deleted photos from a SD card in a safe way?”

Yes, it is certainly possible to restore deleted photos from not just your SD card but from any drive with the help of a photo recovery software on your computer.

This video tutorial shows you exactly how to perform a deleted photo recovery on your drive by making use of a photo recovery software.

Photos are one of the most used files as of today. One can find thousands of photos on a users SD card, hard drive, pen drive and so on. Hundreds of photos are generated on a users SD card every month and they are more or less saved on an SD card or on an internal hard drive of a computer. These photos can be of varying sizes and can occupy most of the space on a users SD card.

However, losing or deleting photos accidentally is a common way of losing photos on a drive. One must be aware of the fact that SD cards are error prone and might lose all your data without you even knowing about it. The best way to secure all your photos is by creating another copy and having them saved to a different physical location. Photos can also be the target for viruses that strive hard to corrupt them or possibly delete them off your drive.

However, you can now restore deleted photos from your drive regardless of how you ended up deleting it, whether by formatting or by accidental deletion. This can be performed on any of your drive by making use of a photo recovery software as shown above in the video. it recovers and restores photos of all sizes or types and does it in quick time without affecting any other data or the photos being recovered.

To successfully perform a deleted photo recovery, you need a photo recovery tool that is built to do this task and must always be an approved application. With an approved photo recovery software, you can  retrieve deleted photos flawlessly from your drive as shown in the above video whereas the same is not possible with the help of a third party unrecognized photo recovery software to restore deleted photos.

You should never panic when you end up deleting or find photos missing from your drive. It can always be recovered with the help of a photo recovery software but at the same time it is very crucial to put your drive away from all usage as the deleted photos still reside on it even after it has been deleted. These photos can only be recovered if they are not overwritten in the memory by new data. New data that you write onto the drive usually overwrites the deleted data which in this case happens to be photos. So once your photos get written over by new data then the entire process of photo recovery is hampered. So the most crucial part after deleting photos from your drive is to not use the drive for any purpose whatsoever. This keeps all your deleted photos intact in the drive and ensures a full recovery of all your deleted photos.

Why this software to retrieve deleted photos?

  • It uses a safe recovery procedure for recovering and restoring deleted photos from your drive.
  • It performs a deleted photo recovery and recovers JPEG, JPG, PNG as well as RAW photos from SD cards used in DSLR cameras.
  • It uses an interface that is simple and straightforward, requires less mouse clicks and lets you save the recovered photos to any location on your computer.

Easily Recover Data from Unreadable CF Card

A CF (Compact Flash) is a flash memory card which is used mainly in portable electronic devices. It is popular and supported by professional media devices. CF cards can be used in mobile phones and cameras to store high definition digital data such as songs, movies, etc. It has prominent features such as high read/write speeds, variable storage capacities, etc.

Sometimes, a CF card became unreadable due to various reasons. If your memory card got corrupted, then you cannot access its data. In such circumstances, you may think that formatting is the only possible option to reuse the CF card.But, you have to aware of the fact that formatting your corrupted CF card leads to loss of your precious images and data preserved on it.

In this situation, you can perform unreadable CF card recovery with the use of CF Card Recovery Software without any technical assistance as it provides a simple GUI (Graphical User Interface).

Common Reasons behind Unreadable of CF card:

Abrupt Removal from Computer: Removing the Compact Flash card from the computer while moving photos from the camera without clicking “Safely Remove” or “Eject” option, can lead to unreadable CF card error.

Improper Mounting: CF card must be properly mounted on the MacBook Pro. If the card not mounted properly, then there are chance of MacBook Pro CF card be corrupted.

File System Corruption: File system of CF card gets corrupted due to severe virus infection when connected to a virus infected computer.

Don’t panic? Relax!! By the help of CF Card Recovery Software, you can recover data from your unreadable CF card without any complexities.

Salient Features of CF Card Recovery Software:

CF Card Recovery Software is one of the best software to restore unreadable CF card with utmost ease.
This software is capable of recovering data like songs, videos, photos and many other types of files based on their different file signature. With the help of this software, you can recover data from formatted CF card within few steps.
This software performs retrieve data from unreadable CF card on both Windows and Mac operating system.
The application uses intensive scanning algorithm to restore different files like , MPEG, MPG, AVI, WMV, AMR , JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG,TIF, etc and even raw images files from memory cards used in digital cameras, cell phones, etc. For knowing more information regarding how to use this software to perform CF card recovery, visit this link.

Essential Tips:

After data recovery process, do not save the retrieved data to the same location i.e CF card
Frequently backup your precious data stored on CF card to computer and other external hard drive
Avoid removing CF card suddenly from host devices while accessing its contents

Simple Way to Recover Files from Flash Card

Memory card is a finest storage device to store various kinds of data including pictures and collection of songs. Nowadays memory chip is coming with large storage space. So you can store large amount of data inside the memory storage device for longer period of time. But despite having all the good features you can face image loss from flash card. Virus infection is one of the major reasons for image loss from memory chip. Sometimes when you have attached flash card with your computer (which is not having updated antivirus) by the help of memory card reader, some nasty viruses  may get inside memory card. After such virus infection photos present on memory card also may get infected by that particular virus program. In this situation you may find images on memory card or even you can face memory card corruption. But even in this situation don’t give up!!! As a tool named Picture Recovery Software is capable enough to rescue your lost pictures at your fingertips.

Sometimes knowingly or unknowingly you may format the memory chip of your mobile phone. While viewing various functions of cell phones accidentally if you have hit the format option then memory card gets formatted in a single attempt. After formatting of memory chip all the data present on the flash drive gets erased with intimidate effect. It leads to loss of your unforgettable pictures too. In this way you can lose several images from memory chip. Even when you have formatted memory card for any other reasons without taking backup of the images from flash card you may lose all files. If you wish to recover lost images then you can utilize the application mentioned earlier.

Many times you may lose files from flash card due to interruption while transferring files from one saved location to another. This kind of data loss can happen due to varied reason such as abrupt removal of card reader, USB driver issue, port issue, etc. In this kind of situation if you want to perform photo recovery from flash card then you must use this application.  If you want to know more about image recovery then you can visit this link

Samsung Galaxy S3 is an advanced featured cell phone provided by Samsung. The photo quality taken from this phone is finest, so people use it for capturing pictures for different occasions. All pictures stored on memory card of this media device may get missing due to accidental usage of format option over it. Photo lost from this device cannot be brought back using any manual method. If you want recover lost image recovery from Samsung Galaxy S3 then you can utilize the tool with ease.

Picture Recovery Software is an advanced featured tool that is capable enough to rescue lost or deleted photos from flash card or from Samsung Galaxy S3. These recovered pictures can be stored on any of your desired storage device. This software scans selected memory device using its robust algo and lists all the files in File Type View and Data View. From this list you can view files by sorting them by name, size, creation date and type. One of the other benefit of using this software is that it allows its users to make file recovery on the basis of file signature.