Repair MOV Video File on MacBook Air

MOV video file format is a multimedia container used by Apple QuickTime media software for storing video files and movies. Apple computer has designed proprietary compression algorithm to compress video data into .mov file format. Movies and videos found in internet use .mov file format. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows platform. The MOV file format contains one or more tracks, each tracks stores particular type of data such as audio, text (subtitles), effects or videos.

I have downloaded movies that are available online in MOV file format from my MacBook Air laptop. When I tried to play the movie using QuickTime media player, it was playing for few minutes then again it returning to the initial stage. And I played same MOV format movie in some other media player like VLC, but the result was same. From last couple of days, I am searching on internet is there any method to f ix MOV file on MacBook Air laptop. It is one of my favorite movie file, please help me to find the solution. Thanks in advance!

Are you having the same issue in MOV video files, getting an error message while playing? Then, the MOV file might be corrupted and now you want to fix MOV file on MacBook Air laptop. Read this blog carefully, it provides you solution to repair MOV files error message with the help of Fix MOV Tool. It is most reliable in repairing corrupt MOV video file effectively.

Some factors which makes MOV video files unplayable in MacBook Air laptop:

There are few causes for corrupting or damaging MOV video files are listed below:

Header file corruption: The MOV video file contain header file which stores information related to date of modification, file size and date of creation. If the header file is corrupted then MOV video file fail to play.

Error in converting: If user want to convert MOV video file format to some other format on MacBook Air laptop. Some sort of error occurred in conversion process then MOV file may get corrupt.

Ejecting data cable abnormally:  Ejecting the data cable of camcorder from the PC at the time of transferring videos. The MOV video file gets damaged or corrupted.

Compression error: When user compresses MOV video file using unreliable ZIP archive then the file also get corrupted.

Bad sectors of hard drive: Sometimes, the MOV video files are stored in bad sectors of MacBook Air laptop hard drive cannot be played on Mac system.

Other factors: There are some more additional reasons for corruption of MOV video file in MacBook Air laptop which includes improper download, intrusion of malicious program, truncated index, application error, etc.

Attractive benefits of Fix MOV Tool:

Fix MOV Tool can efficiently fix MOV file on MacBook Air laptop after header file corruption, synchronization error or some other reasons. In just few steps it can repair MOV video file safely and securely on Mac based system. This software is build with simple user interface and fixes corrupted videos which are recorded on GoPro cameras and iPhones.

Using this utility user can repair not only MOV video file, but also AVI, XVID, DIVX, MP4 and more. It also facilitates in repairing corrupted MOV video files on various storage device like memory card, iPod, USB drive, external drives from MacBook Air laptop. On other hand, this tool is compatible with different editions of Mac OS such as Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Lion, Mac OS X, etc.