Important things That Helps You to Use Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest operating system which is quite different than previous operating system and is familiar too. This windows 10 operating system marks a return to its earlier versions of OS with start menu and adding new voice- controlled Cortana with few other new features.

Return of start menu:

The start menu is back now with some new changes. Now, when you press the windows button on your keyboard or simply click on start menu then it will open a pop up menu which will not cover the entire screen. Start menu includes live tiles which is an app and it shows constant change in data like news, stock and weather information.  We can use right click to remove these.  By clicking and dragging the edges you can also resize the Start menu.

Now Universal windows app will run in windows:

A new type of application was introduced by windows 8 which was called as Metro apps by Microsoft. These apps used to run with a full screen environment which is slightly different from normal desktop which makes inconvenient and confusing to most of the desktop users. Microsoft makes these applications more useful to everyone with Windows 10. Now these universal apps will run on all desktops where they will work as a traditional desktop apps. From windows store you can download and install most of these apps.

Table mode present but kept optional:

By default, on a typical desktop pc, laptops, you can see windows desktop. But in windows 10 there is one table mode where windows will provide us full screen i.e. windows 8 style interface.  On tables it is enabled automatically. If you have a PC convertible, i.e.  It can be laptop/ tablet like the windows surface pro, then detaching and attaching the keyboard will prompt you to switch in and out of table mode.

New digital assistant: Cortana

Microsoft has launched voice activated Cortana assistant, which is named after artificial intelligence in windows games and has been on the prime position in windows 10 now. It also provides voice search and other assistant features and is mainly located on the task bar and next to the start button.

Notification in, charms out:

Windows 10 doesn’t have charms which was present in windows 8 and this appears when you move your mouse to certain corners or when you swipe from right. Besides that options like shuting down your computer are now available for you. In windows 10, swiping to the right will help to open new action centre which provides notifications and shortcuts for the common setting like Wi-Fi and brightness of screen. The second way to access the action centre is when you click on the notification bubble available in the notification area.