Download RAR Repair Tool For Free

RAR file is a collection of different files and folders in a compressed form. It reduced the size of the actual file and make easy to share with others. Sometimes due to certain error RAR files gets corrupted or damaged as a result of which you are unable to access or open the compressed file. Under such horrible condition, the user opts for a reliable tool to fix damaged or corrupted RAR file in a pitch-perfect way.

You can use RAR Repair Tool to fix compressed files with few simple steps. This software is compatible with all the latest version of Windows and Mac operating system. It provides you an excellent user interface so that you can easily understand and fix RAR files. You can repair RAR file corrupt due to header file corruption, CRC error, virus attack and RAR file corruption. Demo version is also available for this application so that users can judge and then purchase this tool.

Reasons for corruption of RAR file

Virus Attack:  It is one of the major reasons responsible for the corruption of any file type. When your system is infected with harmful virus then there is a high possibility of corruption of RAR file stored in your system.

CRC Error: CRC stands for Cyclic Redundancy Check. In such type of cases, RAR files fail to extract and simply shows an error message saying mismatch in size.

Header Corruption: The header of the file contains all information about that particular file. If header file corrupts due to any of the reason then you are not able to extract the RAR file.

Due to above-mentioned reasons, RAR files may get corrupted and become inaccessible. This tool can be used to repair unachieved RAR files in few simple steps.

Some precautions that should be taken to avoid such scenarios

  • Upgrade your antivirus to the latest version
  • Prepare back up of uncompressed files
  • Use reliable software to unzip files and folders

Features of RAR Repair Tool

  • This fixer tool can be downloaded and used on the different versions of Mac and Windows operating system.
  • You can easily repair RAR file which gets corrupted due to the use of unreliable software to unzip files.
  • The preview option is available for this utility to view repaired RAR file before the restoration of the desired location.
  • By using this tool, a user is capable of repairing RAR file from internal or external hard drive, USB drive, SD card, memory cards, etc.
  • The 24X7 technical support team is available to provide guidance to users who find any difficulty in accessing.
  • It is available online that repairs RAR file by following few steps. You can easily purchase this tool and enjoy the features of this tool.

Corrupt Zip File Repair Tool

A Zip file is the generic file format used to store multiple numbers of files in compressed form. Zip utilities play a critical role in compressing or extracting of files. This utility helps in minimizing the file size and save the scarce space in hard drive. Zip utilities can compress files up to 90% of its total size without losing any content in it. Zip files are commonly used for emailing because we cannot send large file via email by compressing we can simply send the large file over email. Zip basically acts as a data container for storing data. With the help of Zip utilities, we compress all type of files such as image, photo, audio, document and video.

Compressing a file is a complex process it took a lot of time so the possibility of error is high. Many utilities are available to compress the file, each and every utility have its own features the commonly used zip utilities are Pea-Zip, 7-Zip, Hamster Free Zip Archiver, ZipItFree and Universal Extractor. Zip file may corrupt due to many reasons, many of people are not aware of corrupt zip file repair utility. There are different repair zip utilities are available for repairing the corrupted zip files. This article will guide you to know the effective zip repair utilities available in the market to repair corrupted zip file.

Reasons behind Zip file corruption:

Virus, malware, and worm attack: If a virus, malware, or worm attack the zip file saved in the computer then it may damage the zip file. This problem can be solved only by installing a powerful anti-virus program on the computer.

Header corruption: Header corruption may occur in Zip files due to partial download from internet or due to the incomplete transfer process. Ensure all transferring process is completed before turn off of your computer to ensure the safety of zip file that is in process.

Errors while in the process: Interruption occurring during extract and compress of a Zip file may lead to corruption of the Zip file. This is arising due to power surge, sudden system shut down, logical error, etc.

Repair Corrupt ZIP File utility is one of the popular corrupt zip file repair utility. It can easily repair Zip and Zipx files without losing any content in it. It can repair large zip such as image, photo, audio, document and video. Repair Corrupt ZIP File utility has the preview files option it helps to preview before saving the file. It can also repair corrupted RAR files with few mouse click. Repair Corrupt ZIP File utility support on both Windows and in Mac platform.

Ways to protect zip files formats:

  • Avoid file compression during a power fluctuation.
  • Avoid regular compression of the compressed files.
  • Use a licensed third-party utility to extract and compress the file.
  • Try to keep a backup of relevant zip files on the cloud such as ICloud, OneDrive, and SkyDrive.
  • Install genuine anti-virus software to protect zip files against critical virus and malware attack.