Easiest Way to Recover Images

Compact Flash (CF) memory cards are portable, very small removable storage devices which are used to store large amount of data. There are two types of CF cards i.e. Type I and Type II. Difference between these two memory cards is only the thickness. CF cards are less prone to mechanical failures because, CF cards do not contain any moving parts and provide high protection of data compared to magnetic hard drives. CF cards use only 5% of the power needed by small drives. CF cards use flash memory, which is used for fast and easy data storage. Initially flash memory cards were using flash file system and JFFS (Journaling Flash File System) but now, to use these memory cards in consumer devices it is usually formatted in FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 file system.

Generally, CF cards are used in PDA’s, digital cameras, MP3 players and other electronic devices. Even though these cards are having high protection of data, but there is a chance of logical failures of CF drive which may result in data loss. In such situation, you can make the use of Photo Recovery Software to get back your lost data. With the help of this utility you can easily perform corrupted memory card data. To know about memory card recovery process, check it out: http://www.photorecoverysoftware.org/from-corrupted-memory-card.html

CF cards are supported by most of the digital cameras. In some cases, you may accidentally delete your photos while previewing which may result in loss of photos. In such condition, no need to worry, because you can recover those deleted or lost images by using Photo Recovery Software. Sometimes, while transferring photos from CF card to computer if you removed memory card during this transferring process, on that case, it may lead to data loss. If you try to transfer those files again by connecting CF card to the system, it leads to CF card corruption which will not enable you to access data.

The general solution to recover corrupted card is formatting the card. But, this is not the good solution. If you format your CF card, first it will erase your complete data, then create new file system which results in data loss. If you have backup of your data then formatting a CF card is not a problem. After formatting you can easily restore your data from backup file. But, If you don’t have backup file, then no need to worry because, you can choose third party recovery software which are not writable so that you cannot lose data while recovering process also.

Photo Recovery Software, helps you to recover deleted or lost photos even from corrupted CF cards. This software is capable to recuperate images from all major brands of digital cameras like Canon, Olympus, Fujifilm, Sony, Casio, Nikon, etc. in major storage capacities. Photo Recovery application sorts your recovered data based on their file type, name, size and extension so that you can easily retrieve files. This program also helps you to save your disk space by compressing in Zip archives. After recovery process, to save recovered photos, this software will ask you to select storage location or destination location. Make sure that your selecting healthy drive on computer to avoid overwriting the recovered data on the memory card.