How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive?

External hard drives are mainly used for backup data storage purpose. These drives are small in size but has high storage capacity and very easy to handle. External hard drives can be used on both Windows and Mac operating system. There are various brands of external hard drives with having attractive features. However, with increase in the usage of external hard drives, the chances of losing data from hard drive also increases.

Consider a scenario, when you transfer some important data from computer hard drive to external hard drive. While transferring data you encounter with an error message like “Drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?”  And to make drive in use, you have format the external hard drive. As a result, you lose all the important saved data from drive. Facing this kind of situation is very frustrating.

Recover data from external hard drive

But, in such circumstances you need not to get panic, as this is very common issue and you can easily recover external drive. This can be done with the help of any reliable tool. The most reliable and result oriented tool which helps to recover data from external hard drive is Recover External Drive software. This software is a read only tool and is quite safe and secure.

Probable reasons for the deletion or loss of data from external hard drive:

  • Data from external hard drive gets deleted due to abrupt ejection of external hard drive from the system at the time of transferring data from computer to external hard drive and vice versa.
  • Sometimes while deleting data from external hard drive, users accidentally select some valuable data and press delete option. This can result in accidental loss of data.
  • The data from external hard drive also get deleted due to formation of excessive bad sectors on the drive. Physical bad sectors can damage the entire external hard drive and all data from drive get deleted.
  • Some other possible reasons behind deletion of data from external hard drive are unreliable third party software, file system corruption, repartition of hard drive, etc.

Salient Features of Recover External Drive Software:

This application has inbuilt scanning algorithm which scan the entire external hard drive and easily recover deleted data within few minutes. It helps in recovering data from iPods, Pen drive, Memory cards, flash drive, FireWire drive, hard drives, etc. This software has the ability to recover more than 280 files which include audio file, video file, images, PDF file, etc. This application recovers deleted data from RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 5 partition. It retrieves deleted data on the basis of their unique signature and the recovered data can be sorted on the basis of various file attributes like name, size, type, and date. It also recovers data from various types of hard drives like SATA, PATA, IDE, SCSI, etc. in hassle free manner.