How to Recover Deleted Photos

“I deleted photos on my SD card that I had for over a year. I have no other copy of the deleted photos anywhere with me so I now want to get all the deleted photos back from my SD card. Is it possible to retrieve deleted photos from a SD card in a safe way?”

Yes, it is certainly possible to restore deleted photos from not just your SD card but from any drive with the help of a photo recovery software on your computer.

This video tutorial shows you exactly how to perform a deleted photo recovery on your drive by making use of a photo recovery software.

Photos are one of the most used files as of today. One can find thousands of photos on a users SD card, hard drive, pen drive and so on. Hundreds of photos are generated on a users SD card every month and they are more or less saved on an SD card or on an internal hard drive of a computer. These photos can be of varying sizes and can occupy most of the space on a users SD card.

However, losing or deleting photos accidentally is a common way of losing photos on a drive. One must be aware of the fact that SD cards are error prone and might lose all your data without you even knowing about it. The best way to secure all your photos is by creating another copy and having them saved to a different physical location. Photos can also be the target for viruses that strive hard to corrupt them or possibly delete them off your drive.

However, you can now restore deleted photos from your drive regardless of how you ended up deleting it, whether by formatting or by accidental deletion. This can be performed on any of your drive by making use of a photo recovery software as shown above in the video. it recovers and restores photos of all sizes or types and does it in quick time without affecting any other data or the photos being recovered.

To successfully perform a deleted photo recovery, you need a photo recovery tool that is built to do this task and must always be an approved application. With an approved photo recovery software, you can  retrieve deleted photos flawlessly from your drive as shown in the above video whereas the same is not possible with the help of a third party unrecognized photo recovery software to restore deleted photos.

You should never panic when you end up deleting or find photos missing from your drive. It can always be recovered with the help of a photo recovery software but at the same time it is very crucial to put your drive away from all usage as the deleted photos still reside on it even after it has been deleted. These photos can only be recovered if they are not overwritten in the memory by new data. New data that you write onto the drive usually overwrites the deleted data which in this case happens to be photos. So once your photos get written over by new data then the entire process of photo recovery is hampered. So the most crucial part after deleting photos from your drive is to not use the drive for any purpose whatsoever. This keeps all your deleted photos intact in the drive and ensures a full recovery of all your deleted photos.

Why this software to retrieve deleted photos?

  • It uses a safe recovery procedure for recovering and restoring deleted photos from your drive.
  • It performs a deleted photo recovery and recovers JPEG, JPG, PNG as well as RAW photos from SD cards used in DSLR cameras.
  • It uses an interface that is simple and straightforward, requires less mouse clicks and lets you save the recovered photos to any location on your computer.