How to Repair Oversized Outlook PST File?

MS Outlook is a notable product of Microsoft, which is available as a part of Microsoft Office suite. Even though it is used mainly as an email application, it also has a task manager, calendar, contact manager, journal, web browsing and also note handler. It is used widely for global communication. Each and every data in Outlook are stored as Outlook data files especially PST file.

Though there are many advantages of using Microsoft Outlook, the Outlook files may get oversized sometimes if you are using older versions of Outlook such as Outlook 2002. Due to this oversize the file may get corrupted. As a result, Outlook may stop working; user cannot access the Outlook information. But, there is no need to worry about how to repair oversized PST file. This problem can be effectively repaired using Oversized PST tool.

Note: MS Outlook 2002 and previous versions have PST file size limitation as 2 GB, and it has been increased to 20 GB for Outlook 2003 and it has extended up to 50 GB for Outlook 2010 version.

What makes a PST File Over-sized?

You may send / receive a number of emails, create notes, add contacts to Address Book, calendar items, etc while working on Microsoft Outlook application. After using the Outlook for certain time, your mailbox will hold a huge amount of data which makes the corresponding PST files to grow in size. You can repair oversized PST file within a few simple steps with the help of Oversized PST tool.

After years of use, the PST files may get exceeds size limit, which may results in raising the chances of corruption. When a PST file get over-sized, then it become difficult for the user to send or receive mails, move items and archiving PST files.

How to avoid PST file corruption due to oversize?

  • Unwanted emails and other data can be deleted to decrease the PST file size.
  • Remove the emails from the Deleted Items Folder permanently.
  • PST file can be archived on regular basis so that the old data will be moved to the archive folder.

What is the specialty of Oversized PST software?

  • During scanning, Oversized PST Software only go through the original file and creates a new PST file. So that your original PST file will not be damaged further.
  • You can repair oversized PST files as well as it also supports OST files.
  • It can repair and restores all the sorts of PST file contents such as contacts, attachments, journals, reminders etc. easily.
  • Files that cannot be repaired using Inbox Repair Tool can be repaired using oversized PST repair tool.
  • Email messages that are emptied from deleted items folder can be recovered using oversized PST Software.
  • Outlook style browser view helps the user to preview the repaired item.
  • The PST files, which are password protected, can also be repaired.
  • If the user doesn’t know the location of the PST files, it can be searched and found.
  • To ensure safety of the source PST file, the recovered data is stored in a new personal storage file format (PST).