Know How to Recover Files after System Restore

Let us consider a real-life situation in which you were working on some important files on your personal computer. Suddenly, due to some improper power connection the voltage fluctuated because of which your computer turned off. Later when you restarted your system, some of this system is working very slow and few applications installed in it is also not working properly and shows some error message. Under such situation, you restore your system without having the backup of your important files. After doing this, you find that your important files are not in system hard drive.

However, you need not think much about your lost files because you can easily perform file recovery after system restore by taking the help of My File Recovery software just in few easy steps. It is one of the proficient recovery software which can recover files after system restore on Windows as well as Mac operating system based computers. This ready to use app can recover data after facing any type of data loss problems such as formatting, partition errors, inadvertent deletion, hard drive failure, and many more easily.

Basically, storage devices are classified into two types such as an internal storage device and external storage device. Internal devices are hard disk of your personal computer or laptop and external storage devices are memory cards, flash drives, pen drives, USB hard drives and more digital products. This ready to use recovery tool has power to recover files from all of these systems as well as other external data storage devices without any difficulty. With the help of this utility, it is very easy to achieve file recovery after system restore which can be any types of data file such as official records, project documents, seminar presentations, precious photographs, videos, audio and images.

Some Other Causes of File Loss from System Drive:

  • In System restore process, if there is a severity of viruses on computer, incompatibility of the OS while installing dual operating system or internally having faults in the hard drives will lead to file loss.
  • Formatting or reformatting the computer’s hard disk accidentally while re-installing the operating systems without backup will lead you to end up all your important files.
  • There are cases where because of some errors generated while performing restoring operation, the System Restore option fails to restore your data which could cause data loss.
  • During the process of creating new partition or resizing the existing partition, if there occurs any partitioning error, then it will corrupt the file system and lead to inaccessibility of files resulting in loss of data stored on the drive.
  • While changing some of the original settings and applications on the system you might unintentionally perform System restore operation which will lead to loss of your important files.

These were not only scenarios which can end up losing all your precious and vital files but there are many more instances of file loss. The ultimate solution in order to avoid file loss scenarios is to create backup of the important files and update them regularly. What if backup is not available? Then you can use My File Recovery tool which can successfully perform data recovery after system restore without any other problems.