Know how to recover shift deleted files in Windows 7 computer

Windows 7 operating system has built with simple graphical user interface. It is the successor of Windows Vista and was officially released in the public by Microsoft Corporation in 2009. This operating system is the most popularly used by the user all over the world. The Windows 7 is available in three editions that are Home Premium- the standard version, Professional- typically it is installed on business computers and Ultimate- it is the most complete version.

It has come up with amazing features that includes such as improved performance, faster start up time, support for virtual hard disks, enhanced security and many more. All these features allows user to interact with the system in a better way using mouse and keyboard. Every system is comes with storage device called as hard drive. It is the main recover shift deleted files from windows 7component part of the PC, where the installed operating system files are stored in it and along with that other important files and folders is also saved.

Most of the users are habituated of using shift + delete key command to erase the files from the Windows 7 system, by doing so it will permanently delete the files. It will be a huge data loss problem for the user and later wants to recover shift deleted files from Windows 7 PC but unable to succeed. In such situation, user may get tensed and thinks about lost data. Have you lost important files by pressing shift + delete option? If yes, then stop being worried because now you can restore all the data on Windows 7 with the help of Windows File Recovery tool.

There are some more scenarios that lead to deletion of files from Windows 7 computer:

  • Emptying recycle bin: On selecting empty recycle bin option all the data that are deleted using only delete button is saved in the recycle bin will be erased permanently.
  • Bypasses the recycle bin: Sometimes, when the files are deleted from your Windows 7 system bypasses the recycle bin the data will not be saved in the recycle bin. In that situation, there are chances of losing some of your important data on Windows 7 PC.
  • Shift + delete button: While you are deleting the files you might selected important files by mistake from Windows 7 system and used shift + delete command. This will cause permanent deletion of files.

Technique to recover shift deleted files from Windows 7:

Irrespective of reasons for deletion of files from the system, there is most reliable third party software named as Windows File Recovery Tool enables user to retrieve data which has been erased due to above mentioned reasons without any difficulty. This program has ability to restore files on various file system like FAT, NTFS, FAT16, ExtFAT, etc. Now the question that come in your mind that is how to recover shift deleted files in Windows 7 system, follow the recovery procedure as given to get back you data easily.

Tips to avoid data loss from Windows 7 computer:

  • Before using shift + delete key commands for deleting data always check the files.
  • During transferring of data avoid any improper shut down and power surge in Windows 7 PC.