Recover Data from Dead Hard Drive

Did you forget to take the backup of your important data from your hard drive? Now, you are unable to access it anymore because it is dead and not booting up? Eventually, all hard drives fail or become dead because of the glitches. In case if you have stored important / confidential data on your hard drive, you need to restore it (it might be your top priority). This guide demonstrates how to recover data from dead drive in few simple easy steps. Watch the following video to understand how to carry out dead hard drive recovery using a famous file recovery tool called Remo Recover.

You’ve read it exactly correct, the software we are going to use for restoring data from your dead hard drive is Remo Recover file recovery tool. This tool has obviously strong file recovery algorithms which scan each and individual sectors of the hard disk. In cases like dead hard drives, the tool just tries identifying the files / folders / data multiple times in each sector of the hard drive. This forces the hard drive to extend its limitation in showing the files. By scanning like this, restoring of data is made possible.

Watch the above video and recover data from dead hard drive yourself without anyone’s help. Its interface is very simple as said before. The video tutorial explains everything from the beginning of recovering process to how to save it on your preferred disk drive.

What are the Features of Remo Recover Application?

  • The tool can restore data from dead hard drives, failed hard drives, USB thumb drives, memory cards of all types, solid state drives and all other disk drives.
  • The tool can restore music files, video files, audio files, documents of more than 280 to 300 file types. It includes JPG, GIF, PNG, DOCX, XLS, ZIP, RAR, MPG, MP4, AVI, MOV, MP3, etc.
  • An option called ‘Preview’ is included in the software which shows the preview of recovered files even before saving it.
  • An option to save the recovery session is available for all the users. This saves a lot of time and eliminates the need of scanning the same disk for files over and over again.
  • Users can sort the files and search for a file by its name. No limitation in recovering the files, users can restore an unlimited number of files.
  • A simple graphical user interface which lets anyone with less technical knowledge can access the software to restore files from dead hard drive.

If it is an internal hard drive, dismantle it and connect it to a computer using a suitable cable which has Remo Recover tool installed on it. If it is an external drive, just connect it via USB cable. Some computers show the partition when connected or simply it will display the file system while some computers don’t show anything and you might confuse that it detects the device installation or not. Just don’t worry and scan it using Remo Recover tool, it will scan all the drives connected to the computer and shows up the drive. Then you can proceed to recover data from dead hard drive.