Recover Deleted or Lost Files from Hard Disk Drive

Hard Drive Recovery tool is the advanced and most reliable application used to get back all the lost or deleted files from user hard drive. It is 100% genuine and Microsoft certified utility. This software is capable to retrieve entire lost files and folders from popular versions of Windows operating system including Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows 7.

At times, files and folders saved in hard disk drive get deleted or erased because of certain reasons such as intentional deletion, accidental format, malware infection, due to bad sectors on hard disk, formatting or reformatting, software crash, file system corruption, etc. If you are in such situations don’t be worry you can recover deleted files by using Hard Drive Recovery application.

Deletion scenarios that occurs on hard disk drive:

Accidental Deletion: If you decided to make your hard drive free from unwanted or useless files which are occupied more memory space on the computer or laptop hard drive then while choosing the unwanted to delete mistakenly might have selected other necessary files. This leads to loss of files from the HDD.

Unintentional Format: Due to some reasons if you want to format particular drive in your laptop but accidentally you might have selected other drive which results in lost or deletion of the crucial files and folders from the internal hard drive.

Spyware or Malware Infection: If the file system of the hard drive is infected by harmful and dangerous malware then there might be a chance of file corruption. This leads to data stored in computer hard drive becomes inaccessible.

Third Party Utility: Due to use of untrusted or unreliable third party tool in your hard drive will causes the damage on the hard disk. To overcome you need a reliable recovery tool.

Clearing Recycle Bin: Emptying is the process of removing or cleaning the Recycle Bin. During this process you might delete all the files that are saved on Recycle Bin without checking the necessary files present on it.

These are some the causes of deletion or erase of files from the internal or external hard drive. To get away from above said issues make use of Hard Drive Recovery software.      

How to recover hard disk drives?

  1. Install the recovery tool on your laptop or computer and then launch it by double clicking on the icon created on system desktop.
  2. Select the logical disk from the list of drives and then click on “Next” to begin the recovery process
  3. After the finish of scanning you can see the recovered files by using “Preview” type.
  4. Final, save the all the rescued files on the required healthy drive.

Various functions of Hard Drive Recovery Tool:

  • Hard Drive Recovery is free from all dangerous threats and even beginners of computer users also recovers hard disk drives.
  • It supports to recover hard disk drives of different types such as SATA, SCSI, ATA, etc.
  • Apart from hard disk drive you can undelete deleted files from other data storage devices like Mobile phones, USB hard drive, pen drive, SD cards, iPod, XD cards, MMC cards, CF cards, and many other devices.
  • File Type View option and Data View option provides to filter undeleted files and folders on the basis of file extension and hierarchical format respectively.
  • It supports deleted or lost data recovery on different partition like RAID0, RAID5, and RAID1 partition.
  • Technical support team is ready to assist you at any moment you face any issues with this data recovery software

Note: To know specifically about how to manage HP ThinkPad hard drive failures, you can refer HP website.