Software to perform data recovery on Windows and Mac

“I have stored some of my important files in external hard disk. I frequently use the drive to store data, but the drive had reached to its extent. So I started removing some files which were old and no longer needed. I had removed the bunch of files by selecting them at once, but now I see that some of my essential files are missing from the drive. Thus the suspect is very clear that something has gone wrong while deleting the files. Do anybody have any idea how I can recover the deleted files from external hard disk. Please reply soon I am in much need”

Losing valuable data can put you in terrible situation however there is no need to worry now as you can easily recover deleted data from external hard disk, but only under certain circumstances.

Soon after deletion you should not have used the disk for any other purposes: data transfer to / from computer, further deletion, moving data within the disk, performing other activities such as fragmentation etc. can reduce the chances of recovery. Thus if you have not perform any of these then proceed further to grab the solution.

Recover Data Now is remarkable tool which can help you recover your deleted files without any difficulty. The tool can help you recover data from Windows and Mac operating system computer. You will be able to recover all your files such as videos, audios, documents, archives and various others.

data recovery

Where all you can find the tool helpful?

At times you will find yourself in a situation where you will format the drive without any option left. This usually happens due to file system corruption. But don’t lose hope that formatted hard drive data cannot be recovered. Yes you can opt for Recover Data Now tool to recover all your lost data.

Repartition of hard drive is usually carried to create, shrink, extend and delete the partitions on the drive. Thus if this operation is carried without any backup then you will end up losing stored data. However you will still be able to recover the lost data.

Hard drives that have turned RAW (without any file system), inaccessible / un-mountable, non-bootable, crashed can all be recovered with the help of Recover Data Now Tool.

Special About Recover Data Now

Flexibility: You can recover data from not only external hard drives but also from internal hard drives, USB drives, memory card, iPods, cameras, camcorders etc.

Simple to use: With the help of user-interface you can easily finish the task of recovery in just few steps

Preview: With this option you will know what you will be able to recover before purchasing the tool. In simple terms you will be able to have a quick look on the recovered data before the purchase of tool

Safety: You can entrust on the tool as it is free from all kind of malfunction and virus infection

Selective recovery: You can add / edit file signature to make your recovery precise and simple, this method can help you swiftly recover only selected files

Support: Avail support from experienced professionals who can guide if you have any sought of query related to recovery